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How to Activate Jio Caller Tune Free on any Jio Number

You can Activate free caller tune on Jio Number today, there are no charges to activate Jio caller tune on your Jio mobile number.

I hope you also enjoy other Jio benefits, Like Jio 4G date Plans and much more. Jio successfully expanding their services and beat the other networks in a very short time. Some of you want to use caller tune on your Jio number instead of classic tune then don’t worry you set free caller tune on your number. All the steps are given below just follow the steps and enjoy Free Jio Caller Tune. This service is completely free, so feel free to change to any tune anytime.

How to Activate Jio Caller Tune Free

How to activate caller tune on Jio for Free

Follow the steps that are given below and active call tune on your number.

  1. Open your Text Message.
  2. Create a new message.
  3. Write “JT” and send it on 56789.
  4. You will receive confirmation message reply that message with “Y” to confirm.
  5. Congratulations! Jio caller tune will be activated for 30 days.
  6. ENJOY!

How to Make any Song as Jio Caller tune for Free:

Follow the exact method to activate any song as your Jio caller tune.

  • MOVIE movie Name send it to 56789
  • ALBUM Album Name send it to 56789
  • SINGER singer Name send it to 56789

If you want to select a Movie song as your Jio caller tune, Follow these steps:

eg. song “Pal Bhar from Half Girlfriend movie”.

  1. Send MOVIE Half Girlfriend to 56789 How to Activate Jio Caller Tune Free
  2. Send your song number, that you want to set as a caller tune. How to Activate Jio Caller Tune Free
  3. You will receive confirmation message reply with “Y” to confirm. How to Activate Jio Caller Tune Free
  4. DONE! after some time your jio caller tune activate.

How to Change Jio Caller Tune

If you want to change the Jio caller tune, then repeat the process again that is given above and set a new song as your caller tune.

Note: You will not be charged any money to activate Jio Caller tune services.

Copy a Jio Caller Tune from any Number

To copy any other Jio caller tune, then press * while listening to the caller tune. you will receive the confirmation message then reply with Y to the message and enjoy Jio caller tune on your number.

How to Cancel or Stop Your Jio Caller Tune Service

If you want to deactivate your jio caller tune and revert back to default tone then follow the below steps and deactivate your Jio caller tune service.

  1. Open your text messaging app.
  2. Write “STOP” and send it to “56789” for deactivation of your caller tune.
  3. Your caller tune service will be deactivated instantly.

Activate JioTune using Jio Music app:

You also set caller tune by using your own smartphone, you can make any song as your JioTune directly from your Jio Music app. Just sign in to the music app and play the song then click on the set as JioTune button. Your JioTune will be activated on your Jio Number for free.

Activate JioTune using Jio Music app

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