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Download JioNet App Use Free Wifi on Jio 4G Sim

Download JioNet App Use Free Wifi on Jio 4G Sim

Reliance Jio’s 4G is now open to all users, who can sign-up and get a SIM with free service until December 31, 2016. Jio is currently offering free unlimited data, voice, and video-calling for all users who register for the service. However, the tariff plans come into play from January 1, 2017, and users will have the choice of going either with prepaid or postpaid plans, just like with any other telecom service.

Jio’s 4G plans for prepaid also come with some additional allotted data for use on the Jio WiFi internet hotspots. So in case a user runs out of data on their pack, they can use some more internet for free, but only via these Reliance Jio WiFi public hotspots and from the JioNet app. So how will the Jio WiFi be accessible to a user? The JioNet app is compulsory for this, and we break down how exactly this app will work.

JioNet App Use Free Wifi


How You Can Use Download and Use JioNet app On your Smartphones

The JioNet app is available for download on Google Play Store or App Store on iOS. On Android, it supports devices running Android 4.0 and higher version, on iOS it is iOS 9 and above. Once you install it on iOS, the App asks you to install a specific JioNet WiFi profile in settings, this is similar to say how one installs a VPN profile in iOS. A user will have to go to settings and hit install profile on the link. The link opens up the first time you open the JioNet app.
Once the profile has been installed, open the JioNet app, and it will ask you to log in via Jio Subscriber ID. The Jio ID is the one you’ve created to access the Jio series of premium apps like Jio Cinema, JioBeats, etc. Or if you don’t have a Jio ID, just type in your mobile number and ask for an OTP to be sent via SMS. This SMS will be sent to any mobile number, irrespective of your service provider. Enter the OTP, and then you’ll be able to access the service.
The app then shows the closest WiFi hotspots from Reliance Jio, and you can also search for these on the Map. For example, the closest WiFi hotspots for our office were in Sector 62, Noida, which actually quite far from our office.

Connect to the India’s largest Wi-Fi network provided by Reliance Jio,

What good is a smartphone or tablet without the Internet? JioNet lets you stay connected at thousands of hotspots across the country, and you’ll never stress about data limits or speed again. You no longer need to login to any JioNet hotspot, there is no need to accept terms and conditions every time you connect to a hotspot. Simply install JioNet app and forget about every hassle.


With the JioNet Wi-Fi finder, you are never far from JioNet Wi-Fi.

Find the nearest Wi-Fi hotspot so you can always stay connected, help your loved ones by sharing the hotspot details and let us know what you feel about it through feedback. We are eager to hear from you.


Switch to Wi-Fi and unleash your apps!

Tired of waiting for videos to load and large files to download? Can’t update an app on 2G? Say goodbye to limits and get speedy on JioNet Wi-Fi.

How to Download JioNet App 

  1. First, Download JioNet App Use Free Wifi on Jio 4G Sim from below Download link
  2. Install it normally
  3. Enjoy It

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