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Vivo Jio Cricket Mania offer Win up to 168GB Jio 4G data

Reliance Jio Vivo cricket mania contest offers 168GB Jio 4g data

Reliance Jio Vivo Jio Cricket Mania offer requires user need to just send a message with the name of their favorite IPL Team.Reliance Jio after announcing Jio Dhan Dhana Dhan offer has brought another offer for Vivo smartphone users .Vivo Jio Cricket Mania offer for Jio subscribers using a smartphone can win up to 168 Jio 4g data. For Vivo cricket mania offer user need a Vivo smartphone and also Jio active connection.Information, you can also visit: Reliance Jio News

Vivo Jio Cricket Mania offer

How to Participate in Vivo Jio Cricket Mania Contest 

Only Jio user with Vivo smartphone takes part in Vivo Cricket Mania Contest. The next thing you need to do is choose your favorite IPL Team and punch in the code and send an SMS  to Jio number 59009.

How do you get Vivo Jio cricket mania complimentary data?

Once you select your favorite IPL Team no matter what happened with your team you win or lost you will get some data.This is how its work, If your team win you get 3gb data and if a match is drawn you get 2gb data and if your team lose you get 1gb data.

Vivo Jio Cricket Mania Contest

More your team win the more data you will get nd its multiple.So if your team reaches qualifiers round whatever data you have accumulated from your team whether its win/draw/lose. It will multiply i.e. (x2),  the final round it will be (x3) and when your team wins it will be (x4).So for example, if your team wins all the matches you will get 168GB of Jio data.
How Jio will credit the GB’s you have earned

Reliance Jio will credit it to you over the next 10 recharges. it will act as booster data.its mean when your daily limit get exhausted the booster data will come to the rescue you.its mean you can continue using high-speed internet.


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